We Vibe 4 Couples Toy

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$199.95 $175.95

We Vibe 4 Couples Toy

MaterialMedical Grade Silicone
Safety Featuresn/a
Powered byInternal Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
FunctionsMany Vibrating Modes, Worn By The Woman
Special FeaturesThe World's Best Couple's Vibrator
Toy SizeComfortable To Wear

We Vibe 4 Couples Toy

The Newest We-Vibe!

25 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$199.95 $175.95

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Product Details

The New Remote Controlled We-Vibe

The We Vibe 4 is the newest high tech couples toy from the company who invented the original We-Vibe. The basic functionality is still the same: the woman wears this small toy during intercourse. The toy vibrates, bringing immense pleasure to her, and at the same time, additional pleasure to him! Keep in mind that it has two small vibrating motors on either end – one hits her g-spot, and one hits her clitoris. The shape of the product has been slightly modified from the We Vibe 2 to be even more comfortable to wear. Just pop it in and its unique design means it will hold itself in place, without any effort by you! The We Vibe is made from the best medical grade silicone, plus, of course, it is rechargeable!

Enjoy The Remote Control!

The We Vibe 4 includes a remote control so that you can change both the pattern of vibration AND the intensity, wirelessly. On the older version, you needed to click a button on the toy to change the settings. But now, you hold the power in your hand to change the sensation by simply pressing a button on the controller. Please note that we only carry the PURPLE version even though some photos here show pink. ENJOY!

We Vibe 4 Couples Toy Reviews
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My wife wanted to try a toy, so I got this online. IT was shipped fast and quickly and discreet, and I showed it to my wife on our anniversary. I think it was the best sex since our wedding night!!! Thanks we-vibe!!!

By Jake, Illinois

This toy is responsible for adding a completely new element to our sex life! I have never had such amaazing sex as I we have since we added this baby!!!

By Mel, Washington

It stays in well, and it's pretty comfy to wear. THe charge lasts a while too which is good.

By P.L., Edmonton, Alberta

So comfortable - you barely feel it there, except for the AMAZING vibes that it places on your g-spot and your clit at the same time!!! The g-spot O is no longer elusive!!!

By KElly, San Jose, CA

This is a really great toy for toy box!! Not only did it make me feel better, but my man loved the way it felt on his cock when it was vibrating. WIN-WIN!!!

By Jelly, Little Rock, AR

ORGASMIC!!! I can't believe how great it feels! Great quality silicone, and the vibrations are amazing.

By P.R., Augusta, ME

Best gift I ever got my wife!!!! 'nuff said!!!

By Mike, Mexico City

Overall it's pretty good. I think it could be a bit better if it was smoother, but it was good anyways.

By Jamie, Richmond, VA

Amazing toy. Bit pricey, but better than so much crap out there.

By t.k., Montreal, Canada

If you're looking for the BEST couple's toy EVER - this is it!! I used to have such a hard time getting to orgasm during sex, but NOT ANYMORE!!!! HALLELUJAH!!

By Amber, Bismarck, ND

It's really easy to use, the vibrations are strong, but you can change the settings, so I reckon anyone will find something they like. It always shipped quickly and discreetly.

By Janica, Seattle

SO much easier to use than the older ones, because those ones the button was hard to push depending on what position you were in. The remote control was such a great idea!! 10 thumbs up!!

By R. Chanel, Concord NH

the charge lasts, it seems like good quality, and there are tons of options, so i don't think anyone would really get bored with it

By Kianna, Ohio

My man is WAY too huge for this! How do other men fit inside WITH this toy!?!?! WASTE!!!

By Loveit Big, North Carolina

two words - BUY IT!!!!

By Lanna, Nashville, TN

At first I was a bit confused at how it worked, and the first time was a bit awkward when my husband tried to insert, but we got the hang of it, and now it's our favorite toy.

By J.B., L.A.

Good toy, but I think it's stupid to have a remote control. I'd rather buy a cheaper one without the control.

By P.L., Wyoming

This has been the best addition to our bedroom in a long time! My brother recommended it to me, and WOW! I'm so happy!!

By J.B., USA

Really great toy for those couples who are looking for an extra spice in the bedroom!

By Paul , Pennsylvania

Excellent quality. GRRREAT vibes! Worth every cent!!!!

By LP, California

I am very impressed with the quality of this toy. It's quite expensive, but you can tell that when you take it out of the box. YOu can tell straight away that the materials are good quality, and the silicone warms up nicely when you insert it. I've had many toys that are super cold and that's not very enjoyable. Also, I was very impressed with how long the charge actually lasts. We've gotten several hours out of the toy in just one charge - pretty impressive! I also love the remote control, because it makes it so easy to change the settings during play. I know it's expensive, but even so I think it's more than worth the purchase.

By Janice, Madison, WI

Absolutely awful. This toy comes with instructions, but I still couldn't figure out what to do with this thing. wth!? something simple please!

By Hannah, South Dakota

My wife has suggested many times that she would like to use toys in the bedroom but I was skeptical. I finally caved with this one because some friends of our recommended it. Let's just say.... we've both VERY happy that I did.

By JEff, Los Angeles, California

O M G!!!! MOst amazing orgasms of LIFE!!! I thought it was kinda expensive, but it's SO WORTH IT!!! seirously

By W.F., New York

The We Vibe 4 has come a loooong way since the original!! I always had trouble with keeping the toy inside during sex, but a friend who tried this one said it's totally different now - and it IS! It's so easy to wear, and the remote control is an added bonus!

By Nikki, Illinois
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