Ladygasm SuperMax Rechargeable Magic Wand

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$74.95 $62.95

Ladygasm SuperMax Rechargeable Magic Wand

MaterialABS + TPR
TextureSmooth & Sexy
Safety Featuresn/a
Powered byInternal Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
FunctionsVibration Intensity Controlled By Scrolling Wheel
Special FeaturesSuperduper Powerful!
Toy Size12" Long

Ladygasm SuperMax Rechargeable Magic Wand

SUPER Powerful Cordless Hitachi

28 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$74.95 $62.95

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Product Details

The Most Fun Without A Cord

When we say that this is the most powerful rechargeable cordless Hitachi magic wand ever made – we aren’t kidding. Traditionally, to enjoy the extra heavy vibrations of a Hitachi wand, you need plug it into an outlet while you use it. Obviously that’s inconvenient! The Ladygasm SuperMax though, is just as powerful as an electric magic wand, but without the cord! Just charge it for a couple of hours and then sit back (or lay back) and enjoy up to an hour of cordless vibrating BLISS. The toy measures about 11” long and is about 5” around, making it easy to hold.

Attachments Can Intensity The Fun

But wait, there’s more! While of course you can use this magic wand as it is, some people prefer to up the ante and use it along with a few attachments. The attachments (see the related products) turn this into a g-spot vibrator or super comfortable clitoral vibrator within seconds. The attachments are easy to put on and take off, and can be cleaned with ordinary soap and water. For extra fun, add them to your order!

Ladygasm SuperMax Rechargeable Magic Wand Reviews
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by 28 Users
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All around a great toy. I was a bit scared of the price, but I recommend it to anyone who wants some good fun.

By Bonnie, Illinois

It's really easy to use, and it's good quality. I've had it for about 6 months now and the charge still holds really well ,and it only gets better the more I learn the tricks!! ;)

By Josephine, Minnesota

I love watching my wife using this. She squirted for the first time ever! I've never been so turned on.

By J.H., Brooklyn

My boyfriend surprised me with this on our wedding night and I was so shocked! At first I was nervous to give it a try, but it was really amazing! I think we're going to get the attachments soon! Ooh! I feel so naughty!

By Kelly, Rochester, NY

The power is incredible. The charge lasts even longer than advertised, so I'm happy.

By L....., Quebec, Canada

I really love the pretty colour. It's so girly, and the material is clearly good quality because it's so smooth against my skin. My boyfriend likes to start out using it all over my back and hurting muscle areas, and then we finish with a "Happy Ending"!

By Andrea, Guelph, Ontario

Way better than the HItachi if you ask me! It's a bit expensive, but it's worth it for the cordless option

By Tina, Madison, Wisconsin

I can't believe the power!!! If any woman can actually use it for an hour - you're a MACHINE

By L.C., Orlando, Florida

This is the perfect thing for my wife and I. She can't normally orgasm during sex, but when I hold this on her clit she goes seriously CRAZY! I feel like a pornstar making her screeeeam!!!

By Graham, Laredo, TX

THe head is so smooth, and it's actually pretty flexible so that it's easy to get it where you want it. It's got a great grip, and I love that it's cordless and that it actually holds a charge!!! I've never had a toy that is so powerful AND cordless. Thanks Ladygasm!!

By Claire, Arizona

I have a hard time getting wet, and this one is so smooth that I don't even need lube. hOwever, for a bit of extra fun I love the Sliquid organic hybrid lube. feels so good!

By Sam, Philadelphia

Love the color, material, power, controls - EVERYTHING. I totally recommend this, even though it's pretty expensive.

By MIranda, Geneva, IL

It's a great toy, but I don't like that I can't use it while it's plugged in. I always forget to plug it in to charge, and then I'm disappointed when I feel like using it.

By Emily, Colorado

The head is nice and smooth and feels great against my clit. The strongest intensity is a bit too much for me, but maybe I can work up to it soon!

By Clit Central, Charlotte, NC

The head is a great size. I can get it just inside as well, and that feels SOOOO GOOODDDD!!!!

By E.C., Rhode Island

I've always been a bit freaked out by the ones that plug into the wall, because I swear I heard one time that someone was injured from a electric short. I am so happy to have the power, but completely cordless. My prayers are answered!!!

By Danon, Hamilton, Canada

This is a really great addition to the toys we already have. I love that it's easy to use both solo and during sex, because it's nice and simple - nothing too complicatied or intimidating.

By Kyle, Wisconsin

My boyfriend and I just ordered the attachments online. Can't wait for them to arrive! This is a daily toy for us!!

By P.F., Canada

Nice and smooth, feels good to hang on to, and the vibrations are seriously INTENSE!

By R.G., Nevada

IT's a bit big, because I travel from dorm room to my parents often, but it's still a good toy and it's really quiet, especially considering the power in the toy.

By Shae, Laredo, TX

So many intensities and you'll likely never need to put it on high power!!

By Lynn, Alabama

LOVE THE COLOR! I hate it when dildos and vibes come in bland or ugly colors. THis one is so feminine and makes me SCREAM with pleasure! SOOO worth the price!

By Riley, Connecticut

I love the 11 inch handle given that it held a n hour charge, I didn't get a cramp in my hand. The head is also flexible which helps.

By Ann, Alabama

It's a good size, easy to hang on to, and love that I'm free to play wherever i want!

By Patricia, Toronto, Canada

The charge lasts a long time and doesn't take long to fully charge which is godd, because we use it like every single day. My husband loves watching reach orgasm with this thing!

By Joanna, Jacksonville, FL

I love the easy to use dial that lets you change speeds. For me, i don't need much more than mid way but maybe some people like more.

By R.T., Illinois

SUPER POWERFUL! Just like the original hitachi one, this thing will blow you away! if you can last beyond the charge, kudos to you - but i doubt it will happen!!

By Carrie, San Antonio, TX

I love that this massager is cordless!! It is so powerful that sometimes I can't even believe that it's cordless! And the charge actually lasts for about an hour. And you'll RARELY need even half of that time - this thing will def get you going!

By Jenna, Boston
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