Ladygasm Jessica

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$39.95 $29.95

Ladygasm Jessica

Safety Features Hypo-allergenic, Latex-free
Powered by2 AA batteries
Functions7 Vibration Modes
Special FeaturesSuper Unique Design
Toy SizeLength: 5” Width of each bunny ear: .25”

Ladygasm Jessica

Cute, Sexy, Discreet & Priced Right!

36 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$39.95 $29.95

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Product Details

Super Cute Dual Vibrating Ears
The Ladygasm Jessica was made for women who prefer a toy that looks less like a sex toy and more like a fun everyday object. Made to exacting standards in medical grade silicone - the safest and most hygienic of all sex toy materials - it offers 7 great modes of clitoral stimulation. We found a way to use very small motors to drive vibrations directly into the tips of the rabbit ears. The ears are very flexible as well, allowing you to direct the vibrations as you wish.

You’ll Only Find This On
Unlike inferior vibrators, the handle area of the Crazy Ears does not vibrate at all, allowing you to better concentrate on your orgasm. You may find a similar appearing product on other websites, but only the Ladygasm Jessica keeps all of the vibrations in the ears - where you want them to be. Some similiar cheaper versions of this product vibrate the entire device - not so sexy - trust us! The best part is that you will get hours and hours of use out of only 2 AA batteries. This is one special toy you can only find on So if you ready for something out of the ordinary, then the Ladygasm Jessica vibrator is for you!

Ladygasm Jessica Reviews
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Not sure if this silicone is "medical grade" as they claim but it is silicone thats for sure.

By Fuzzywuzzy

would be better if batteries were include d- they are NOT.

By Jenny LaMay

Such a cute and interesting toy. There are many vibration modes, from steady to pulsing patterns. The "ears" are very flexible and transmit the vibrations well. You can either experience a full device vibration, or by using just the ears, have a more spot specific vibration. There are two buttons that are easy to reach and control. Cleanup is super easy

By Katie D.

This product is wonderful! All the different settings are perfect and the design is as well . it's waterproof which is a big plus in my book. It adds great fun by yourself or like me to add a little spice to your relationship. It is highly recommended for a good time!

By Kendra

Just great and Sexy Grandma loves it. My only criticism is it has too many speed options. It can be a little annoying having a couple of speeds you like but having to search through what seems to be endless options to find that right speed. This certainly does not stop Sexy Grandma from frequently asking for her little rabbit ear toy. It's a winner

By sexy grampa

As a long time hitachi user, this was a pleasant surprise. It does not have a lot of power, but with the "bunny ear" shape, it doesn't need it.

By Jerica

oops i squirted

By Lena

I sometimes get contacted by manufacturers or sellers who ask that I provide an unbiased review. This is one of those products. I assure you that I review what I want, when I want, how I want, in order to share what I feel is the most accurate useful information.

By fatima henriques

I love this i do not like how there is not an off button, you have to go through all the setting then it will turn off

By Sara Ellen

I received this package in a nice discrete package. If you are worried that the mail main or someone else will know what you bought there is no need to worry. The packaging is really nice on this, it has a reusable box that it comes in and its unmarked so if someone sees it laying on your night stand they would have no clue to what it is.

By Amanda

I purchased this back in March and by a fluke it did not work. They promptly sent me a replacement plus a free gift for my troubles. I am beyond pleased with this purchase!!!

By Jenny

The toy arrived 5 days before the estimated delivery date. It came in a very nice package and felt very durable, safe, and clean. The Jessica has yet to disappoint! This toy works great, especially for those that only want clitoral stimulation. Perfect for use alone or with a partner. I highly recommend this product!

By Rosebud

First of all, it came with it's own cool box, very subtle and discrete, and it looks like a black business card box so you could just leave it out in the open and not worry about someone checking it out, unless they really want to look at your cards. And I was a bit shocked to hear how quiet it was for such a powerful little thing and I really enjoyed how many settings there were.*blush* (*cough* it's a excellent simulator for nipples *cough*) I was pleased to see how fast it came through the mail since my purchases usually come in a bit late. Overall, I enjoyed my purchase and look forward to trying out more!

By Shayla

An easy 5 stars. Purchased as a gift for my girlfriend. She loves it. Lots of different settings and positioning, from mild to very powerful. Ergonomics are great, easy to hold and easy to fit into cozy places. Definitely a winner.

By bf

I'll be honest...initially I wasn't sure this unfamiliar size and shape would do the trick, but my husband and I experimented with it a little bit and I was glad that we were persistent. It is an excellent product that now does the job exceptionally well every time. It fits nicely in the palm of one hand. I've had it for a couple of months. I haven't played with all the different speed and pulse settings yet, but I already love it. If something happened to mine, I would definitely buy another one to replace it. The company has excellent customer service, too. They emailed me to make sure that I was completely satisfied with the product. Yes, I am!

By Erin M

Quick shipping and phone customer service answered all my qeustions about it

By Sara Spears

I’ve never had a vibrator that doesn’t vibrate in your hand during use. The plastic base of the toy (that you hold onto) doesn’t vibrate at all during use, while the ears vibrate with a lot of power. With other toys I found the vibrations on my hand distracting, but the Jessica lets me put all my concentration on my pleasure, and pleasure she sure does give!

By ivica1986, Georgia

The silicone is very smooth and soft to touch. It feels great on my clitoris, and it has more than enough settings to satisfy whatever mood I’m in. I’m thinking about asking my boyfriend if we can use it during sex in the bedroom. He’s intimidated of large, thick vibrators, but the Jessica is so cute I’m sure he’ll go for it. Wish me luck!

By ancuisle, arizona

The base is curved to fit neatly in your hand, and the ears to a great job of stimulating the clitoris from all angles. Great toy! Would recommend to all!

By DomasG, Red Bay

Bought this as a joke gift for my friend who is collects rabbit things (the real, furry kind). A few weeks later, she told me it was the best gift I could have given her. I decided to try it myself, and I’m hooked. Me and Jessica barely miss a night together, and I don’t know how I masturbated before I got her.

By VictoriaHan, Washington

A good toy although the vibrations could be a little bit stronger. Love the contoured handle and the fact that it doesn’t vibrate. The settings are easy to control with a small button on the base, and the batteries last for hours. Overall a really good purchase, especially at the price.

By nanohits, Florida

The Jessica has two vibrating tips that you use to fully surround your clitoris for optimum pleasure. The tips are made of medical grade silicone, so they’re very smooth and flexible. It’s worth the price and more.

By smilealot, Missouri

There was something so sexy about the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, and this toy puts her name to good use. It’s sleek, sexy and cute to look at, and even better to feel. The vibrations are nice and strong, with many patterns to choose from. Great vibrator for beginners or a cute toy to add to any advanced toy collection.

By TMarriott, NY

The vibrations are strong, but I wasn’t sure why there were two tips? I found it a bit awkward to direct in the right areas. Not my cup of tea, but I have to say it seems to be very good quality and again, the vibrations were very strong.

By Anoopchawla, New York

The Jessica is solely for clitoral stimulation, so if you’re a woman who doesn’t need internal penetration to get off, the Jessica is a great toy. The two ears enable you to get serious pleasure all around your clitoris for an orgasm that is out of this world. The vibrations are more than strong enough for me, and I can reach orgasm within minutes with this toy.

By schlessera, California

It may be ‘just’ a clitoral vibrator, but it’s got some power, and I come hard and fast every time I play with Jessica.

By webbabe, Miami

An absolutely adorable vibrator! Styled to look like rabbit ears, this clitoral stimulator is made from top quality silicone and has two vibrating “ears” that are incredibly flexible so you can ensure you get the pleasure exactly where you want it. It has 7 different vibration modes from steady buzz to pulsations – surely you can find something you like. A great toy and a very reasonable price.

By JDBrenda, USA

I’m a huge fan of Ladygasm products, and the Jessica doesn’t disappoint. It has 7 powerful vibration modes, and runs for hours on just two AA batteries. I love the fact that the plastic base that you hold on to doesn’t vibrate at all, so you don’t have to worry about your hand going numb while you’re massaging your pleasure points. Very well made.

By msdobe, Dallas

I am really impressed with this offering from Ladygasm! Its just the right size and even pointed to fit the contours or your hand. The silicone is very sexy and velvety to the touch and really pleasurable to hold. I may get one for "on the road" and one for home use. I don't want to be too far from my Crazy Ears!

By funinpublic

My boyfriend thought I would like this and he was right. 7 minutes in heaven with 7 levels of control. Not enuff LIKES for this pink bunny!!!

By saxyfuntimes

I highly recommend this for anyone who has suffered rashes or itching after toy use. I appreciate the medical grade silicone, as the cheaper ones seem to give me problems. I think anyone with reactions should definitely try this out. I thought I wouldn't be able to use any, but glad I tried at my partner's request. Damn, he is always right.

By shinylove89

My wife and I use different things to add flavor to the marriage. My brother's wife told me about the massagers and what fun they can bring in with all the new designs, so I looked around and found this one which looked pretty sweet and unassuming. It was a hit and little bunny hopped all night. It's a must have to add some playtime to your night.

By Babydoll4eva

I call this my “Jessica Rabbit” as its so cute and like a little bunny. I am glad that manufacturers realize it doesn’t have to be a big beast to please a lady. Thanks for a wonderful product that is very proper and ladylike!

By unicornhunter84

I would have liked the ears to be softer, but overall a nice product I would recommend. Priced right.

By her_property

Crazy ears is a nice product. I had a few jabs when I leaned forward as the ears do not bend, so be sure to use it in a prone position. But all in all- Pretty nice!. Fast shipping.

By Phonesexsavior

I am really impressed with this offering from Ladygasm! Its just the right size and even pointed to fit the contours or your hand. The silicone is very sexy and velvety to the touch and really pleasurable to hold. I may get one for "on the road" and one for home use. I don't want to be too far from my Crazy Ears!

By funinpublic
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