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MaterialMedical Grade Silicone
Safety Features Latex-Free, Hypo-Allergenic
Powered byRechargeable
Functions7 Modes & 4 Intensities
Special FeaturesWaterproof, Very Quiet
Toy SizeLength: 4.5” Width: 2.5”

Ladygasm Colibri

Curvy And Powerful

38 Reviews
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Product Details

The Ideal External Stimulator
The Ladygasm Colibri is our latest and greatest female pleasure toy. She is rechargeable, waterproof and perfectly ergonomic. The Colibri is meant to be used externally so it's a great choice for women who can orgasm solely from clitoral stimulation.

A small grouping of 4 buttons allow you to control the speed as well as the various vibration modes. You can select from 7 different modes, and 4 different intensities per mode. We know that all women are different, so we've gone to great lengths to give you as many options as possible while using this toy.

Rechargeable & Waterproof
You'll love that the Colibri is rechargeable so that the fun never has to stop. And if you've never used a toy in the shower or bathtub - we recommend you take advantage of the Colibri's waterproof design, and do a little experimentation. Plus - don’t worry about anyone hearing you - the Colibri is also whisper quiet!

Ladygasm Colibri Reviews
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5 stars
by 38 Users
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Great toy at a great price. The vibrations are nice and strong, and I like the different patterns.

By Nyx006, oklahoma

Good quality vibrator, but pretty basic. Clitoral stimulation only.

By beautifuloddity, Florida

The Colibri is designed to fit well with the contours of a woman’s body, and it’s thin enough that it doesn’t get in the way if you want to use it during sex. It’s got 28 variations of speed and patterns, so you’ll never get bored, and it’s easy to control during use.

By MizzMistress, Virginia

It’s a very good vibrator. So far no problems with it, and the charge lasts a long time.

By AllThingsSexy, Louisiana

A really good vibrator, and not too expensive. Many options for vibrations, but I like the constant vibes the best. Good power, and it’s waterproof too which can be fun.

By Mellifer, NY

If you’re looking for a toy that feels great and is easy to use, this is the one you want. Quality of a Lelo, but much cheaper. It lasts a long time on one charge, and stimulates my clitoris perfectly.

By MissBliss, Rainbow Town

I love the feminine, modern design. It comes with a classy storage pouch so it stays clean between uses.

By karens, San Francisco

Wow! I haven’t stopped orgasming in weeks! Thanks Colibri!

By Soulsekrou, new york

Tired of all these crazy-looking vibrators? Me too. This is a classic vibrator with multiple patterns and speeds, that does everything you really need. Plus it’s waterproof and rechargeable.

By gothikstar, PA

If you have never had a waterproof toy, it’s about time you get one. I just got the Colibri, and love taking it into the shower with me. There’s something about the water running over me that makes all the sensations so much better. It’s my new favorite toy.

By J29, Michigan

I was concerned about whether or not it was truly waterproof, but I’ve used it in the bath several times, and it works just like it did the day I got it.

By Buttercup Green, South Carolina

This contoured vibrator is for clitoral stimulation, and it does a great job. The vibration patterns go from constant buzzing to pulsing, and you can choose a soft vibration or a really powerful one. No matter what mood you’re in (or how fast you want to climax) there is definitely a good combination for you.

By Hipposterous, New Orleans, LA

It takes about 4 hours to fully charge, and can last for more than an hour in use. That means you can draw out the process and really enjoy yourself without having to worry about running out of juice. Great toy at a great price.

By FemmeX, Michigan

First silicone toy I’ve ever purchased, and I love it. The silicone gives the toy a very smooth finish and it’s so easy to clean. Since it’s waterproof, you can just wash it under the tap with soap and water. And, it’s rechargeable.

By chelly411, Dallas

Excellent vibrator. Strong vibrations and quiet motor.

By Smitten-Kitten, florida

It’s a really good vibrator, but I also like to be internally stimulated, so I have to use one of my other dildos at the same time.

By sjs15461, masontown

It seems that with the introduction of the rabbit vibrators, women have forgotten the simple pleasures of plain old clitoral stimulation on its own. Not to say there is anything plain about this vibe. It has a great curve that makes it sit well on your ‘mound’, so you don’t always have to hold it. It’s also a great deal, as I’ve seen many rechargeable vibes that look similar at a much higher price.

By dbm69, California

Really strong vibrations, and the motor is really quiet. I enjoy taking it in the shower with me in the mornings, since it’s hard to get privacy from my roommates any other time. There’s no way they could hear the motor over the running water. I just have to remember to keep myself quiet.

By bayosgirl, Midwest

I’ve finally figured out how to give myself multiple orgasms! This baby lasts more than one hour per charge and so far I’ve been able to reach 3 orgasms before it quits. If you like pleasure, this is the toy for you.

By wildorchid, Louisiana

The Colibri is easy to use during intercourse. I can’t orgasm through sex alone, and this has changed mine and my husband’s sex life immensely. I can’t say enough about this toy. I highly recommend it for solo or couple play.

By Apirka, PA

With 7 vibration patterns and 4 different intensities, every woman is sure to find something they really enjoy. The colibri is made of silicone material so it’s very smooth against your private areas, and it’s very easy to clean with just soap and water – especially since it’s completely waterproof. Try taking it in the bath or shower for extra fun.

By Nessa, Minneapolis, MN

A really great vibrator with multiple settings and it’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries. I’ve seen similar toys for a lot more money, but this one seems top of the line to me.

By WarmHearth, USA

If you’re sick of all the latest fads and crazy vibrators that look like they’re from outer space, then the Colibri is for you. Good quality vibrations, multiple settings, and made of high quality material. It’s all you really need to reach great orgasms.

By Lady Bear, East coast

I bought it when a friend recommended it and I’m glad I did. It does everything I need. She’s had hers for a couple of years now, so I’m hoping the same goes for mine.

By ViVix, Florida

It fits well in my hand, and it’s easy to use. There are 4 buttons that allow you to change the vibration patterns and speeds easily when in use.

By sexygoddess, Washington

The Colibri is intended for clitoral stimulation (no inserting this puppy), but it does its job well. The vibrator is contoured to the curves of a woman’s pelvic area so it’s easy to use and you don’t have to get into any awkward positions. It has 7 vibration patterns and 4 intensities which can easily be changed using the small keypad with easy-to-push buttons. It’s also completely waterproof (hello bath time!) and it’s also rechargeable. One charge typically gives more than an hour of use.

By zecookiepuss, Upstate NY

The Colibri is one of the best toys vibrators I’ve used. The shape makes it easy to hold, and it sits well on my pelvis area. It has 4 intensities from regular to very powerful, but it never gets too loud. It’s a little bit pricey for a vibrator, but it’s worth it!

By beccawalton, indiana

LOVE IT! Great product and at a very competitive price! Highly recommended!

By her_property

Well, after all these years I just thought I was a woman who couldn't orgasm, but with the ability to touch one of four buttons then explore 7 speeds and 5 intense settings...I found my setting that did the trick. Maybe my vajaja is high maintenance or just specialized, whatever the case, what a great product to bring pleasure to me after all this time. Thanks Ladygasm!

By funinpublic

This was a nice, subtle change from all the flippy, flappity trends of late. It was very filling and contoured very nicely. Very Comfortable and the buttons weren't odd or awkward to reach. LOVING IT.

By saxyfuntimes

The Colibri is my new favorite "Go-to" in fun toys. I have spent a lot on toys, but then again I get bored easy. This pretty purple piece is so nice. My only complaint is that it's really quite thick and you have to lay back, more so than just sit on it at first. But once it gets going, especially on the high intensity settings; it's just amazing and you will see stars! It's shipped very fast so get yours now.

By Phonesexsavior

One of my favorite purchases up to date. Thanks for such a wonderful item for us singles ladies.

By unfulfiled

Overall it's great. Washed after use as its waterproof, removed the batteries. Tried to use it again and it would not power up no matter how long I charged it. I changed the batteries several times and I don't know what's wrong with this item. Guess it was good for that one use. However, wish I could get my money back or get it replaced if it doesn't fizzle out.

By Escott

Well, no battery issues here- the Colibri was just terrific for over 3 and a half hours! My poor cookie can attest to that fact!! NICE

By MyGirl

What mastermind came up with this exquisite tool? AWESOME It had to be a woman as this was perfect for a woman! A+++

By Babydoll4eva

I have many wonderful toys and have paid as much as twice at other places, but this amazing work of art was great for someone who doesn’t need a huge toy and the battery life is worth every penny. 5 stars!

By unicornhunter84

Ok…I guess I was considered the close minded prude, so my girlfriends went in together and got me one of these Colibris for my 40th birthday. ALL I can think is why did I wait 40 years!? My husband is a good lover, but he just can’t do some of the things this can

By shinylove89

LOVE IT! Great product and at a very competitive price! Highly recommended!

By her_property

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